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Brian Regan is a well-known comedian, know for his funny and clean-comedy performances.


Brian Joseph Regan was born on October 2, 1957, in Miami, Florida. He grew up with seven other brothers and sisters. He attended Heidelberg Collage in Ohio, with dreams to become an accountant. However, his football coach persuaded Brian to do theater. In 1980, Brian dropped out of college to pursue stand-up comedy. (Brian later finished his degree in 1997.)

Comedy AlbumsEdit

1992 - Something's Wrong With the Regan Boy

1997 - Brian Regan Live

2004 - I Walked on the Moon

2007 - Standing Up

2008 - Epitome of Hyperbole

2010 - All By Myself


  • Some have called Brian the "King of Clean Comedy" due to his performances excluding dirty jokes and words.
  • Some of Brian's performances talk about when he was a kid, like Sun Stare, Kids' Party Games, etc.