The cover of "Brian Regan Live"

Brian Regan Live is a comedy album by Brian Regan, and his first album overall.

Track ListingEdit

1. You Too & Stuff

2. Hooked On Phonix

3. Crank Calls

4. Stupid In School

5. Lousy In Little League

6. Monster Truck Drivers

7. Horns and Windsheilds

8. Seat Belts

9. Log Trucks

10. Blasting Zone

11. Evel Knevel

12. Fishing On T.V

13. Whale Noises

14. Flipper & Gentle Ben

15. Belly Buttons

16. Kid's Party Games

17. Big Family Stuff

18. Peanut Butter & Jelly

19. Donut Lady

20. Health Club Stuff

21. Spider Webs & Bees

22. Elevators & Faces

23. Animals

24. Dog Barking

Bonus FeaturesEdit

There were no bonus features for "Brian Regan Live"

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