220px-The Epitome of Hyperbole

The cover of "The Epitome of Hyperbole"

Epitome of Hyperbole is a comedy album by Brian Regan, and is the fourth album, after Brian Regan Live, I Walked on the Moon and Standing Up. The runtime is 45 minutes and 26 seconds.

Track ListingEdit

1. Reading (Adults Living With Parents, Newspaper, Reading's Hard, One Thing Lead To Another, Long Sentences, Speed Reading, Point/Counter-Point, Title On Every Page)

2. Movies and Parties (Planet of the Apes, Movie Reviews, Amusement Park Movie Rides, Russell Crowe, Mingling At Parties, I Love Art!)

3. Art & Language (Realistic VS. Abstract, Ballet, Opera, Learning Spanish, Franchise in Pensacola, Epitome of Hyperbole)

4. Law (No Nonsense Judge, Cruel or Unsual Punishments, Loitering and Manslaughter, Slip and Fall, Aggravated DUI, Loss of Limb, Jury Duty)

5. TV (Game Shows, Cooking Shows, Mules/Sense of Humor, Talk to Dead People, Pet Physics)

6. Space (Pluto, Planet Definition Committee, Intelligent Life, They Can Put A Man On The Moon!)

7. Marriage (Bee Gees Intro, Husband Bashing, Men and Women Think Differently)


Brian Regan - Stand Up Comedy - Very Very Funny45:26

Brian Regan - Stand Up Comedy - Very Very Funny

Brian Regan - Epitome of Hyperbole


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