The cover of "Standing Up"

Standing Up is a comedy album by Brian Regan, and his third album overall, after Brian Regan Live and I Walked on the Moon.

Track ListingEdit

1. Driving (Show Horses, California Handbook, Pinky Thank You)

2. Language Stuff (Van in Miami, Bilingual, Friend Speaks Italian)

3. Flying (Flight Delayed, Tower, Computers, Baggage Claim)

4. Greeting Cards (To Subdivided, Blank Inside, Encouragement, Just Because, New Baby, Birthday Humor)

5. Kids (Something Appropriate, Dora, Baby Books, Animal Noises, Butterfly Pavilion, Balloon, Dinosaurs)

6. TV Shows (Nova, Albert Einstein, Antique Road Show, Golf on TV)

7. Politics (Voiceovers, Tazing Seven Year Olds, Not Taking Questions, Answer That By Asking This, Billboards, Kennedy's Fundraisers)

8. News (Arab Americans, News Anchor You Can Trust, News Team Cares, Brian Regan Spy)

Bonus FeaturesEdit

1. Food Labels

2. Serving Size

3. Lay Off Dairy

4. Cranberries

5. Pop Tarts

6. Yoga

7. Health Clubs

8. Strong Man Shows

9. Food Combinations

10. Peanut Butter and Jelly

11. Chef Boyardee

12. Pizza/Pie

13. IHOP

14. Eye Exam